How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Sixteen)

Paris lovers! Hope you’re all doing well. Here are some more pics of the best city ever – full of rain, sun, and a few stuffed animals. Enjoy!


Got caught under the rain near Gare Saint-Lazare and figured hey if I’m already soaked, might as well capture some Haussmannian vibes. I don’t often wander in the 8th arrondissement but there are a lot of classic boulevards to enjoy here.


From the roof of Galeries Lafayette (9th arr). Random Eiffel Tower fun fact: the paint job alone weighs 60 tons! That’s a lot of pigment.


The kid’s section of Ikea. Because sometimes life in Paris is just about looking at stuffed animals. (I want one of those cochons.) 


Place de la République (9th arr), with the classic figure of Marianne reminding us of how damn effective the guillotine was…or something like that.


A lovely bit of rarity in front of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (9th arr) – a mosaic street sign! I always wonder how these unexpected details came to be. Why is this sign fancy but the one across the street is plain old enamel? Does the owner of this building make a request to the city? Or are certain street signs randomly selected to have a bit of flair and artists are brought in for the job? I hope somebody can answer this question for me one day.


“Happy Hour” is charmingly translated into “Joyous Hours” at this café in Les Halles (1st arr).


Been wanting to lunch at Aux Vieux Garçons for a while now. It’s at 213 Boulevard Saint-Germain (7th arr). It’s got a nice classic bistro feel complete with this old-timey telephone booth. Food verdict: decent magret de canard with wine sauce, and a great cheesecake worth returning for. If you need a good local lunch near Musée d’Orsay, this is your place.
Cuillier is one of my Montmartre coffee go-to’s. It’s on Rue Yvonne le Tac just next to the Abbesses métro station. Instead of succumbing to the usual pic of my cappuccino foam (which I’m still occasionally guilty of) I went for something a bit more atmospheric.
Cuillier again (obviously). The coffee here is top notch and their baked goods are always worth an extra dip into the wallet. I also like that this café is rarely packed, partly because certain tables are reserved as “no laptop” zones.
This is the shot I’m most proud of today. Any time I can find a way to focus on light first and subject second, I feel a tiny step closer to the Impressionist way of seeing the world. (Yes, I have silly & lofty goals…)
From the Cour Carrée of the Louvre. A fine way to end a day.
This was my most popular shot on social media over the week, and I certainly don’t blame anyone for loving this door! I saw it in the 14th arrondissement and nearly got run over by traffic trying to get the proper angle. Sometimes it feels as if 150 years ago everyone in Paris got together and said “let’s live among pretty things”. You gotta respect them for that.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always I’ll keep looking for stuff to inspire us. You can see the previous photo set here, and don’t forget to hit me up for a guided tour if you want to go exploring with me!











  • Awesome some photos! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading your blog and enjoying the various photos.

  • I just arrived home and checked e-mail for your weekly post; it is as wondrous as ever. I love the intricate doors, the new café to visit in November, and the brilliance of the light on the pyramid at the Louvre! Your pictures and posts get better and better. My friend, Jude, told me she is taking a tour with you. She is delightful; you’ll enjoy each other!

  • You always make me pine for Paris! Dreaming of when I can return….

  • Amazing way to start my day; I always enjoy your posts and dream of the day I can return…

  • Simply delightful Corey. What a fine way to begin my Friday here in central Virginia. Your photo compositions are so thoughtful and serene. Thank you, Diane

  • Corey – I so look forward to your posts! This batch of photos are wonderful. Love the pyramid shot.

  • Focusing on the light first and the subject second isn’t silly Corey — in my book, it’s the very foundation of photography! You are right to be proud of the Louvre image — but the others are no slouches, either. Beautiful work, as always.

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