About Me

In 2010 a 33 year-old New Yorker married a Parisian girl, threw away most of his stuff and packed what was left heading for France to start anew. Realizing it was too unique an experience to keep all to himself, he became a writer.

Now he, Corey Frye, has become A French Frye in Paris…

…and this is where I stop talking in third person.

This blog chronicles my slow journey from wide-eyed tourist to savvy local (sort of), and all the challenges & discoveries along the way — with posts that are sometimes fun and sarcastic, sometimes philosophical and contemplative, but always true in their search for a deeper understanding of the city and my place in it. If you’ve ever been interested in, curious about, confused by, or just plain smitten with Paris, this is the place for you.

As an enthusiast of the city and its many secrets, the only thing I enjoy more than showing it in writing is showing it in person. For an insider’s tour of Paris, please contact me using the info to the right. And thanks for stopping by!

61 responses to “About Me

  • Jeannetta Vivere

    I’m jealous, completely and utterly jealous, I’ve got to share this Tips & Chips with my friends, they are going to love it….I hope if I just copy and paste the link it will go?

    • Corey Frye

      Hi Jeannetta, yes copying and pasting the URL address will work, or you can also click the “share” button under any post to share it through facebook, email, etc. Thanks for your kind words and enjoy! –Corey

  • Sarah

    Hey, love your blog. I’m going to be living in Paris from January until May and I’m looking for an idea to blog about while I’m there or even look for a freelance writing gig.
    How do you get your ideas? What’s your main inspiration?
    Just looking for some advice, thanks!

    • Corey Frye

      Hey Sarah, first congrats on your upcoming trip! Without getting too pithy I’d say I get my ideas from the small cultural differences of everyday experiences. Paris is so unique a simple trip to buy bread can become a bit of theater. As for inspiration, it’s as simple as stepping out for a walk: the city will take care of the rest. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your stay!

  • sophiaharcourt

    Hi Cory,
    First off I must say that I hope you enjoyed the frog’s legs. I may have to start following you on twitter because your top tweets made me laugh esp. the pretty french name one. Anyway I am planning on visiting France the first couple weeks of May. I am trying to get ideas of places to visit to get photos I want (I am a photographer) and have been scouring the internet and blogs to get insights from those who are there or have visited recently. I thought it might be less weird and a better plan to contact people who have decided to be public rather than ask people on the street when I get there and risk getting smacked. Plus my 6 yr old french will probably only get me so far. I will be visiting family just north of Saint Quentin and plan to visit places like Reims (for the champagne) Amiens for the cobble stones and markets and Lille for the Flemish influence. I was considering letting letting exploration of Paris go except for wonderful CDG (blah…do not like this airport…I can read and speak french and still don’t get it) but I thought I would see if you might have any insights of places to see that a photographer would enjoy that are out of the ordinary. Not looking for the usual attractions, those have been photographed by others. If anything pops to mind while reading this please share. Also do real chocolate eclairs still exist in France? What I mean is the chocolate filled ones..not that white stuff. I miss those. Hey I just saw your email on the right of my message. Should probably send this there but I know that comments help traffic so I will keep it right here.

    • Corey Frye

      FYI, just took a trip to Champagne country and Reims in particular which was amazing (at least for a cathedral nut like me). The champagne vineyards are still without leaves, but maybe by the time you arrive you might start getting some green. Nevertheless a drive through the area is full of little hills and valleys and really pretty. A bit of sparkling wine doesn’t hurt either. Hope you have a great trip!

  • bonfood

    I thought long and hard to come up up with a witty blog name…and I failed. However I love what I have seen. It is great to get a fun insight into daily life in france. Keep it up french Frye.

  • Matt

    Hi Corey i first came across you via youtube where someone has recorded you singing in a NYC subway the song was Late November and i have to say it has been stuck in my head for almost 3 years now. I am glad i came across this blog of yours so i can finally ask, Did you record that song ? and if so where can i get it !

  • leamuse

    Thanks for featuring my favourite part of Paris. While I have spent a few weeks in Paris, when the time came to move permanently to France, I came to the south. I live near the Mediterranean and adore it. I have continued to explore this wonderful country and that is the focus of one of my blogs- http://foundinfrance.wordpress.com . The other blog is about everything but France but mainly poetry. I hope you take advantage of where you are and explore France and her neighbours.
    Bon chance,

    • Corey Frye

      Thank you leamuse, I will check out your blog. So far I’ve been lucky enough to see a few parts of the country (Normandie, Lyon, Carcassonne) and they have all blown me away. I look forward to seeing as much of it as possible. Take care and happy blogging to you!

  • Shantaya

    Don’t know if I got the chance to thank you for visiting Girl and Her Pink Backpack. I’m glad you liked it and I’m enjoying reading through your blog. Your writing style is great.

  • Sunkist2

    Cory: Cream, strawberries, but, I think you are holding back on the champagne, yes? Your photos of the grounds capture to much, thanks.
    Make your way, someday, to http://sunkist2.wordpress.com for greek island fun. The french Know this. ~Ron

    • Corey Frye

      Thanks Ron. Actually I never drank alcohol before moving to France, but champagne is something that has grown on me and now I’m a big fan. You’re absolutely right, a bit of bubbly would cut the richness of the cream, and we all know how well strawberries go with it.

      Thanks for your comment, I’ll check out your blog as well. Take care!

  • Simply Om

    We’ve nominated you for a Seven Things About Me Award http://simplyomblog.wordpress.com/
    Trisha & Carolyn

  • Anonymous


    I am most excited to explore your blog…I will be traveling to Paris in October for the first time in over 20 years. This time my husband is accompanying me as I celebrate my 40th birthday. We are looking to do some of the “tourist” attractions such as Le Tour Eiffel, etc. but we are also looking to get lost in the city and its culture. If it is not too much to ask for other resources to explore to prepare, I’d love to take the time to acqaint myself.

    • A French Frye in Paris

      Hi Colleen, thanks for stopping by and welcome! There are a dizzying amount of Paris resources out there, but off the top of my head here are some things that might help you out. First, if you need a refresher on the basics, one of my fellow bloggers comes to mind: HeatherBlog has an article about basic Paris tips, followed by another one that lists her favorite museums. She also has lots of great pictures to whet your Paris appetite!

      For a list of current events to check out, Secrets of Paris has a useful newsletter highlighting what’s currently happening in the city. Also the city-run website, Paris.fr, is a good resource for that.

      For getting out there on your own and exploring, you can find interesting self-guided walks at Paris-Walking-Tours, and there’s also a large PDF of several self-guided tours on this page. Rick Steves has a decent set of free audio tours you can put in your phone and listen to as you go, which can also be found in his free app called Rick Steves Audio Europe.

      Hope that helps! If you’re interested in having a guide, I’d also be happy to show you and your husband around the city, or you can feel free to ask me any further questions you have at cofrye@hotmail.com. Best of luck with your planning and preparation, which is always one of the funnest parts of a Paris trip! Take care.

  • Airstream Family

    I have Paris envy. What an incredible city and an equally incredible blog! I’m married to a Frenchman but alas we met in Australia and he prefers it here – lots of wide open space and easy going people. Give me the city of lights, history and culture any day.

    • A French Frye in Paris

      Hi Sonia, thanks for following my blog! I know what you mean — my French wife dreams only of us living in New York, whereas I could easily spend the rest of my days in this little studio apartment of ours if it meant I was always a subway ride away from Notre Dame or Montmartre. The grass is always greener indeed. But I agree with you, the history and culture are pretty seductive over here.

      Very happy to have you as a reader and look forward to hearing more about your Australian adventures! Take care and happy blogging.

  • exceedingspeed

    I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks for having a great blog! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Cooked By An Angel

    Hey Corey,
    I was sure that when I signed on to follow this blog, it was you. But after looking at my own blog for a second and seeing the spelling of your moniker, it dawned on me that there was indeed some connection. So, after a little (bit) of thinking, I decided to investigate this hunch and find out if this was really you. And eureka, there you are (were), pick one! Awesome idea, awesome blog and I can’t wait to read your post on here. So happy you decided to do this. It’s so perfect and fits you perfectly. You are a very talented young man, and it shows in your writing. Cheers from NY: say hi to the wife! -A

  • bookpeeps

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Love your blog! Congrats. http://bookpeeps.org/2012/10/04/beautiful-blogger-award/

  • Two Winey Bitches

    I really want to read your blog top to bottom, but I think I may explode from jealousy. Landed back in the States Saturday night from a week in Paris. I didn’t want to leave… ever. It really is the most magical city in the world. I’m going to have to start practicing my French so I can start the “Move to Paris” plan. I’ve mastered the Metro so the only other thing is the language, right? If only I had found this blog before my trip… Look forward to reading more when I can handle the raging envy!

    • A French Frye in Paris

      Ha, thanks for the great comment, it brought a smile to my face!

      So happy you’re enjoying the blog, although I’m sorry for any jealousy side effects. :(

      Definitely start learning French though, it’s a great language. Plus if you’re determined to revisit Paris one day, that will keep you motivated enough to stick to it!

      • Two Winey Bitches

        Once upon a long time ago, I could actually read Camus & Sartre in French. But as they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. That was very apparent last week when I had to make a phone call and realized that I can no longer conjugate verbs in the past tense. So, back to the books I go! BTW, have you dined at Pottoka? One of the best meals I’ve ever had ever… ever.

      • A French Frye in Paris

        Haven’t heard of Pottoka, but I’ll keep it in mind, thanks!

  • Ariane

    Oh, just discovered this blog. Off to read your post about la bise. I must say that I am uber jealous that you get to live in Paris. You are living the dream.

  • Sherievon

    Hi there, I have just discovered your blog via Theadora Brack – I shall follow with interest since we will returning next year. Your posts are great and we shall keep you in mind if we need a guide.

  • testingnyc

    Ha! Hello, New Yorker! At the exact same age, I packed my things and left Europe for New York! I was already married a couple of years ago, though. I just found your blog, it’s very nice, keep up the good work!

  • The Great Surge

    wow an american guy marrying a french girl, I used to think that was kinda rare, congrats though, heard parisian girls are tough

  • Danish Exchange

    Okay just discovered your blog and I think I’m going to become a fan. One of the many lovers of Paris, I too cherish being somewhere foreign and loving every moment of it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • The Makeup and Beauty Bug

    Hello! I came across your blog and I love it. Your writing is really good. I don’t know if you take requests, but I’ll ask anyway. Could you do a post on a few of the best fine dining restaurants in Paris? You could be like an undercover food critic for your blog, taking all of us on an adventure into French cuisine and atmosphere by describing the different flavors and textures of the food there. And whats the best wine to go with it? That would be so fun to read. I don’t know when, but I do plan to visit Paris one day. :)

    • A French Frye in Paris

      Hi, thanks for your comment and kind words. Believe me I’d love to scope out the fine dining scene in Paris, but that would require a budget that is a bit lacking at the moment. :)

      But I do like your idea, and next time I find myself in a fancy restaurant I’ll try to do a bit of undercover work. :) Thanks for commenting!

  • Lise

    C’est très agréable de te lire, de retourner dans la ville où je vivais il y a peu en suivant tes détours et tes récits… Quelle joie de voir ces images de Paris en blanc manteau, raconté en anglais, depuis le Brésil où je gambade jambes nues au soleil !

  • Rustic Recluse

    Hello Corey, not sure if you’re an awards person. Nonetheless, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I absolutely love the way you tell us about your experience – and it’s something I still haven’t the guts to do! You can check out the details here: http://rusticrecluse.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  • vwadams

    Enjoying your blog – Following. If you get a chance you’re welcome to check out mine. Best wishes, V.

  • writemybrainsout

    Love your photos and stories of Paris. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • maureenjenner

    You know, fifty-seven years ago I met someone who did exactly what you have done. He married an Iranian, became a doctor and they had two children.Life moves on, and we go with it. Wonderful.

  • Le Cape Town Journal

    Hey! Nominated you for Sunshine Award.Check out my post for more infos! ;)

  • Kathleen

    I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! I hope you accept. Here’s the link: http://stylishheath.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1168&action=edit

  • Kathleen

    Also congrats on the Sunshine Award!!!

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