Flash Mob

In case anyone’s missed this in the news — a perfectly normal clothing ad, right?

Of all the universe’s undeniable truths, surely one of them is that nothing beats a day at the beach. But there’s another one too: that in a country known for its nudist colonies you should always double check the location of your fun-in-the sun activities…

The popular French clothing company La Redoute didn’t get that memo, and payed for it after posting this photo on their website for several hours. The bottom half of the scene reveals the slight problem:

Nudist swimmer guy on the right kind of kills the vibe, don’t you think? Sorry, my black censoring box is a bit drab, let’s replace it with something more palatable:

Ah, better. But I assure you the original ad left nothing to the imagination, and unfortunately the website’s optional magnifying glass feature allowing customers to zoom in on items of interest…well, that was unfortunate irony.

The embarrassed company promptly removed the photo and apologized, but not before it spread like wildfire across the web, prompting some rather clever and hilarious mock photos for those interested: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/naked-man-in-la-redoute-advertisement/photos

Vive la France, eh?

*(For those wondering about the cheeseburger, check out my previous post)

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An American living in Paris, savoring the city one secret at a time. View all posts by A French Frye in Paris

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